Motion Profiling

When controlling a mechanism, is often desirable to move it smoothly between two positions, rather than to abruptly change its setpoint. This is called “motion-profiling,” and is supported in WPILib through the TrapezoidProfile class


For a description of the WPILib motion profiling features used by these command-based wrappers, see Trapezoidal Motion Profiles in WPILib. Note: The TrapezoidProfile command wrappers are generally intended for composition with custom or external controllers. For combining trapezoidal motion profiling with WPILib’s PIDController, see Combining Motion Profiling and PID in Command-Based. To further help teams integrate motion profiling into their command-based robot projects, WPILib includes two convenience wrappers for the TrapezoidProfile class: TrapezoidProfileSubsystem, which automatically generates and executes motion profiles in its periodic() method, and the TrapezoidProfileCommand, which executes a single user-provided TrapezoidProfile. Motion Profiling through TrapezoidProfileSubsystems and TrapezoidProfileCommands


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